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In the Summer of 2013 Richard and Sarah Gordon of Lawrence, NY recognized the need for a company which solely specialized in addressing the serious problems homeowners on the south shore of Long Island have with mosquitoes, gnats, lo-see ums and flies. A board-certified Entomologist was hired as a consultant to help formulate the most effective and safe approach for mosquito and outdoor flying pest control. Mosquito Seekers was launched in the spring of 2014 after months of preparation to alleviate this problem.

Mosquito Seekers is an independent and locally owned pest control business on the South Shore of Long Island with the goal of eliminating mosquitoes and flying pests from private yards and at special events. Our technicians are certified by the NY State Department of Conservation (DEC) and all products used are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We are passionate about mosquito elimination and we make every effort to solve our customers outdoor pest problems in a comprehensive way, with the goal of superb customer service.

We get it rite, before they bite!