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Tips to Help Eliminate Mosquitoes

We are not simply a mosquito control company. Our goal is to forge a continual relationship with you, our customer and to provide a comprehensive solution to your unique flying pest problem. No yard or property is the same, and each one has unique circumstances. Our technicians will point out things you can do to reduce your flying pest problem.

There are many things homeowners can do to reduce mosquito and flying pest infestation. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Eliminate and Reduce Standing Water

Standing water acts as a breeding area for larvae to grow and can be found in many unsuspected areas such as children’s sandboxes, tarp covers, garden tools, etc. Children’s toys, Frisbees, plastic bags, old tires, etc., are objects that hold water and prevent water from being absorbed into the ground. This water should be removed allowing the area to dry out which reduces the breeding areas.

2. Trim Back Shrubbery and Reduce Vines

Heavy foliage and vines are excellent breeding grounds for flying pests. Trimming down shrubbery will help reduce the flying pest population and contribute to the effectiveness of our treatment. Vines create a unique problem since many vines crawl on the ground, which makes it challenging to spray under the leaves. It is certainly best to cut down and trim vines around the property.

3. Clean Out Window Wells and Under Deck Area

Leaves and other collectibles in window wells and under decks collect water and moisture. By keeping these areas clean and dry, you will help reduce flying pest populations.

We need you to be a Mosquito Seeker too! By addressing these problems and those that your technician points out, you can contribute to the effectiveness of our treatment.

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